和好玩的人一起做好玩的事 | Do fun things with fun people


新乐路是上海一条有名的时尚小店聚集地,但在这里我们提到的XINLELU.COM并非所指那条“新乐路”,而是一个创新型的时尚零售商。而我们的上海姑娘 Yilei 就是这个 “XINLELU” 的创始人与团队主导者。

Xinle Lu (Road) is a famous shopping street in Shanghai, but the “XINLELU.COM” we talk about here has nothing to do with that street, it is actually an innovative fashion retailer based in Shanghai. Yilei, a Shanghai girl with big dreams, is the founder and leader of this interesting venture.

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设计调研是一种思维方式和生活态度|A research on design researcher


这一次我带着强烈的私心,来到了设计调研专家石之慧在上海的家来做客兼采访。私心是因为我对设计调研的工作着迷 - 从调研中取得有用的洞察来帮助改变人们的生活。在这个“用户体验”当道的年代,你怎能不对设计调研产生好奇?

This time I came to visit the design research expert Zhihui Shi’s home in Shanghai with extra excitement. Extra excitement is because I am really fascinated by design research and I know how much fun it is to be a nerdy researcher to find out insights that can help making impact on people’s life.

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巴厘岛街拍,毫不逊色于巴黎街拍. Bali street fashion.


珀尼达岛(Nusa Penida)是巴厘岛东南面的一座离岛。大多数游客只是匆匆坐船到珀尼达岛的水域进行水上或水下活动,但这片陆地几乎被大家完全忽略了。Lonely Planet上对这里的介绍是如此描述的,“这是一片自由而天然的土地,它回答了我们这样的问题:如果旅行者从未踏足,那巴厘岛会是什么样子?” 但并没有一个旅行书对这个岛上的活动或景点有着具体的介绍,因为岛上的旅游业并不发达,也并没什么很正式的开发过的旅游景点。于是我们带着好奇心来到了这个暂时还未被大量游客摧残过的地方,这个谜一样的地方。就在这个冷门的目的地,给我们带来了一个又一个的惊喜。

Nusa Penida is a small island right next to Bali main island on the south-east side. Most of the tourists would just come here to enjoy the water sports, but the island itself has been largely overlooked. Lonely Planet says “It’s an untrammelled place that answers the question: what would Bali be like if tourists never came? ” There are not much details you will find on travel books about Penida’s sights or activities, and it doesn’t really have any formal sights or tourism infrastructure. But it is a good thing we thought, we like place that is untouristed. So we came and it all turned out great at the end, this island is full of surprises and awaits for discovery.

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上海姑娘在巴厘岛的别样生活 – Mia Chow in Bali





Have you ever daydreamed about moving to a tropical island to live? Mia Chow didn’t just day-dream about it, she made it all happen for real.

“I enjoy every moment of it.”
Mia replied to my question of “how’s life in Bali?” when I first met her in Ubud.

Mia Chow, a Shanghai girl in her early 20s, is living in Ubud Bali for one year already. After graduation, she has tried exploring her career interests in magazine editing, fashion styling and graphic design. Last year she went to Bali for short holiday and fell in love with this magical island immediately.

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辞职去旅行 – 骑摩托从上海到德国(下) Journey to the west – Motorbike trip from Shanghai to Germany – Part 2




有兴趣可以去看看他们的旅行博客 Monkey Kings: http://monkeykings.jimdo.com/

Following the last post about the journey to the west, this post showcases one of Chris and Matthias’s test drive’s gadgets. Before they headed out to the real adventure, they did quite a few short distance trip to test out all the equipment and have a better feeling of riding.

At the moment, they are already half way into their real journey, crossing the Asia & Europe continents in Turkey.

Please follow their travel blog Monkey Kings: http://monkeykings.jimdo.com/

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辞职去旅行 – 骑摩托从上海到德国(上) Journey to the west – Motorbike trip from Shanghai to Germany – Part 1




有兴趣可以去看看他们的旅行博客 Monkey Kings: http://monkeykings.jimdo.com/


A Bavarian and a South Tyrolean guy met in Shanghai, and they gradually fell in love because of the common passion for motorbike so they ran away together for a big adventure back to Europe… Oh no no no, that’s not the real story,  just my fantasy, I always joke about it with them, hahaha.

So here comes the real story: In my design firm, I was working with Matthias the Bavarian guy from Germany and Chris the South Tyrolean guy from Italy. After few years living in Shanghai, they thought their adventure in China had to come to an end, so they came up with a creative idea for going back home – a journey to the west from China to Europe by motorbike.

Before they left, I visited their motorbike workshop couple times, it was super exciting to see how they did the modifications to the bikes. Think big, get your hands dirty, do prototype for testing, make modifications, get real connections to the process, and make things happen… and also most importantly have fun! That’s how they prepared it. It’s going to be a trip of the lifetime, and I am so happy I can be a very small part of it by documenting it.

Matthias and Chris are on the road already since end of July 2014, and now stuck in Uzbekistan temporarily because one of the bike needs some repair. They are waiting for some parts sending from Taobao in China. The famous Taobao… well, I used to joke with them that they should get a sponsorship from Taobao before, haha you see Alibaba just listed its shares on the New York Stock Exchange few days ago, a good chance to propose them to enter Europe:D maybe…hahaha

Please follow their travel blog Monkey Kings: http://monkeykings.jimdo.com/

Here are some photos from their workshop and followed with Matthias’s interview:

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何丽娜的生活哲学。Create a life that feels good on the inside – Helena Albrechtsson


Helena Albrechtsson 有一个很容易记的中文名叫何丽娜,我记得和以前的中国同事们都叫她何总。Helena是瑞典人,自小就喜欢新鲜的事物,8年前独自来到亚洲开始了她的探索之旅。现在她是上海一家德国设计公司巍德设计(WILDDESIGN)的总经理, 是我曾经的老板。下个月她就要携爱人与狗离开上海返回故乡定居结束这8年的漂泊生活,这算是老外版的‘逃离北上广’么?


Helena Albrechtsson is definitely an explorer, she left home from Sweden for adventures in Asia 8 years ago, and currently working as the general manager of a German branding & industrial design agency called WILDDESIGN based in Shanghai. Next month she will return to Sweden, back to the her root with her fiance and dog, also with lots of stories to tell.

Writing this post is very special for me, as I have worked in WILDDESIGN for almost 3 years before. The company has an unique charm, down to earth with the explorer spirit. I had lots of good memories there and I have learnt so much from working with the multidisciplinary team coming from different cultural background. Helena is a very open-minded leader and she believes creating a good life is similar to creating a good design – not just looks good on the outside but create a good user experience for yourself that makes you feel good on the inside. This time I got invited to her sweet apartment in Shanghai to find out more about her private life.

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The realm of tactile – a ceramic story with Dryden Wells


“I am a simple man” – this is what I overheard in Dryden Wells’s conversation to a student in his ceramic class, I think it has perfectly described his character in general.

Moving from America to China, only for one thing – ceramic art & design. Now Dryden is a professional ceramic artist based in Shanghai. He found himself in the realm of tactile, and his artwork follows his simplicity driven character in a sculptural and experimental way. Meanwhile, Dryden is also teaching at The Pottery Workshop on a regular basis sharing his great passion for ceramic to his students and guide them to find their own creative style.

By experiencing the class myself, I found it also very helpful for stress relief. The process of shaping clay by hands reflects your current mood, it allows you to slow down and gradually find out your hidden emotion. Clay is such an interesting medium which is flexible but easy to fall apart without enough care, it can become any form you want with enough patient and focus.  I guess it is the same philosophy when it comes to dealing with life…

The following photos are showing Dryden’s recently installation artwork making.

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